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Most people think that the term biohazard refers only to chemical contaminations or to lab accidents that release dangerous pathogens. In fact, any contamination that can put the health of humans and animals at risk is considered biohazard, the most common examples being flooding, acid and oil spills and rodent infestations. No biohazard, not even the contamination caused by mice or rats moving into your home can be efficiently cleaned with amateur methods and using the cleaning products commonly available in stores – here is why the best way to handle such issues is to hire a biohazard cleanup company:

  • Efficient, professional solutions for the type of contamination that you are faced with – the removal of the contamination left behind by a flood requires a different approach than the removal of a pest infestation and you need professionals to handle the task in a safe and efficient way;
  • Specialized cleaning substances and equipment – biohazard cleanup companies work with dedicated chemicals and high-performance machines, such as air scrubbers and high-efficiency filters;
  • Safe disposal of the residues – the debris removed from your property can still be harmful and dangerous, therefore you need a specialist to handle the waste disposal process in a safe way.  With the many resources that construction companies like Haselden Construction has established looking to them for help is recommended