Hospitals and clinics are special buildings, with many building features that are different from regular buildings – the plumbing, the air conditioning, the heating and cooling systems, the materials used for building the floors and the walls, the windows and the doors, even the roofing materials need to meet very special and very exacting requirements without which the completed building will not be approved of by the authorities and will not be able to start operating. This also means that there are many special requirements that the contractors and subcontractors who work on new hospital and clinic builds need to fulfill – here are some:

  • Familiarity with special building codes – the contractors engaged in hospital builds need to be familiar with the building codes that are applicable to new hospitals and they also need to have the means to perform work that is in compliance with those building codes;
  • Experience with new hospital builds – your building contractor as found here needs to have practical experience with such special building projects and they need to know how to organize such a complex project. This also means that besides the contractor’s license, the company’s portfolio of previous work and their references are among the most important things to check before hiring anyone.