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Regardless of the type of construction you intend to build, the services of a general contractor provide all the certificates of guarantee, but also ensure the distribution of work tasks and the coordination of specific teams:

The construction company – is the one that will make the resistance structures according to the final destination of the building: casting the foundations, making the pillars, floors, beams, interior and exterior finishes, the roof. In order to do this, it will be necessary to assign some of the tasks to specific construction teams: painters, masons, carpenters, and concrete contractors Denver workers.

Site manager – the construction engineer has the task of coordinating all the works carried out on the site, ensuring the necessary construction materials, defining the work stages, supervising the work teams and dealing with the distribution of the works to be performed.

The installation company: the installers will take care of the wiring for the electrical system, the pipes for the sanitary system, as well as of ventilation and air conditioning, heating and thermal installations.

A general contractor also ensures the stock of construction materials by placing in time, according to the stages of the project and the works performed.  It provides the necessary equipment and tools directly or indirectly (through third parties).