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In the case of a fire, the first responders to call are the firefighters, but the process of fire restoration is far from being complete when the fire is put out. The fire extinguishing process involves the usage of large amounts of water and foam and usually leads to property damage that needs to be restored with professional methods. The companies to call to handle that process are specialized fire damage restoration experts – here is what the process will involve:

  • Damage assessment – your experts will evaluate the damage caused by the fire and by the extinguishing process, such as the amount of soot that needs to be removed and the structural damage that the walls and the foundation of the building might have sustained and will also document the damage for further use during the insurance claim process. A construction company like Haselden Construction with their connections as  a leader in the industry can get the job done right;
  • Securing the building – your company will determine if any structural reinforcements are needed to prevent any collapse and will handle the related tasks;
  • Cleaning – the process will involve the removal of any soot, of excess water and of any damaged items. The walls, the floors and the other surfaces in the affected area will be cleaned and dried and the air will be also scrubbed and filter to remove any contaminants;
  • Repair and renovation – some fire restoration companies provide repair and renovation services, while others handle only the securing, the cleaning and the drying process, so you might need to hire a separate service to handle the final renovation of your premises.