design stage church building construction company plans

Church restoration projects are special in many ways – buildings of worship, especially old ones, have lots of features that require special knowledge to restore. Here are the types of companies that you can turn to for these specialized restoration phases:

  • Woodwork restoration contractors – old churches usually have lots of spectacular woodwork or woodwork that used to be spectacular and needs restoration, such as altars, doors, benches and frames. This type of work is usually performed by joiners and carpenters experienced in using dedicated tools and special materials;
  • Organ restorers – another type of specialized work that requires a specialized contractor. Be prepared that finding an organ restorer is no small task – there are very few people who have the knowledge and the experience to restore organs and the ones that do provide such services are booked for years in advance;
  • The restoration of frescos and murals – this type of specialized work also requires special knowledge and also artistic talent;
  • Contractors to add some modern features – many church buildings need restoration or a complex upgrade for the electrical supply system, for the plumbing and for the heating systems. These projects are usually handled by specialized contractors such as who are familiar with the applicable building codes.