Differences in Sub Contractor and Contractor

Construction projects are handled by contractors and subcontractors working together, but either of them having their own, very specific tasks and roles. Here are some of the most important differences between the two types of contractors:

  • The most important tasks managed by Denver contractors – contractors, also called general contractors, are businesses that manage all aspects of the construction project they are in charge of, from material purchasing to the final, turn-key phase. The general contractor is usually the link between the client and all the other businesses involved in the construction project and they usually work with specialised businesses called subcontractors that handle specific project phases;
  • The tasks managed by contractors – general contractors work with subcontractors specialized in a specific area of construction or installation work. A complex building projects needs several different subcontractors, such as contractors specialized in plumbing, masonry, electric installations, wall painting, floor installation, interior design, roofing or cleaning. The contractors working on a project are in a contractual relationship with the general contractor who will manage and coordinate their work;
  • Relationship with the client – in most projects, only the contractor is in a direct relationship with the client, the subcontractors have a relationship only with the general contractor.