Subcontractors Denver Contractors

Working in the field of construction means signing lots of contracts, of all kinds: public auctions,  lands or purchasing materials. Construction words often involves a contractor and a subcontractor. For this very reason, it is very important to understand the role of each of them.

A contractor is a person or a company interested in doing business and obtaining contracts. He finds the customers and negotiates his contracts, and he usually gets more money.

Although a subcontractor works on a contractual basis too, he closes agreements with the Denver contractors, not with the customer directly, usually for a specific part of a project.

Now that we have a basic definition of both, let’s see some more differences:

  • The contractor has to generate networks in order to be able to track some business deals, while the subcontractor needs to network with the contractors in order to get some work.
  • The contractor sees the project as a whole, which includes costs, profits and time managing, while the subcontractor is focused on the auxiliary details, on a specific area.
  • The contractor gets paid by the clients and the subcontractor gets paid by the contractor.
  • The contractor is the project manager, has a lot of responsibility, while the subcontractor is an effective worker (or team), but not an actual employee of the contractor.