Construction Trends Fort Collins Contractors 2020

The construction industry has always been dominated by trends and preparing for upcoming trends is essential for any company that wants to stay competitive. Here are some Fort Collins contractors construction trends that are likely to dominate 2020:

  • Project management through comprehensive software solutions and mobile apps – these integrated IT solutions are intended to streamline management solutions as well as to make work safer and more efficient on construction sites, so they are great tools for maximizing revenue as well;
  • The increased use of robotics – drones used for site surveillance, for the assessment of the condition of the site and for progress monitoring, robots used for performing repetitive work are becoming increasingly popular and widespread;
  • Sustainable designs – green buildings that incorporate solutions that facilitate the usage of natural resources of energy, passive buildings that generate the energy they need, the usage of recycled materials are all trends that will shape the face of the construction industry in 2020;
  • Modular buildings – prefabricated buildings are also increasingly popular these days. These buildings are manufactured in production plants, then transported and assembled on the client’s site, modular buildings take shorter to erect and the process is also much easier than in the case of more traditional building solutions.