Lower Costs Commercial Construction Building Contractors

The construction of a new commercial building involves lots of costs that need to be carefully calculated when allocating the project budget. Here are the most important cost types to factor in:

  • Real estate costs – if the plan is to build on your own land, you will first of all need to purchase the plot, so the first part of the investment will need to go towards buying the land;
  • Documentation and permitting fees – your building will need to be designed by an architect, the design will need to be approved by various authorities and utility providers, the soil on your land will need to be evaluated and building permits will also need to be obtained. All these documents will cost you money, too;
  • Material costs – another substantial part of your investment will go toward the materials necessary for the construction process;
  • Labor fees – the Fort Collins contractors that work on your building will all charge for their work. The services they provide will include the preparation of the land, the excavation of the space for the foundation, the building of the walls, the installation of the walls and of the utilities and the finishing work, such as painting and the installation of floors, doors and windows;
  • Overhead costs – the building process requires energy that you will need to pay for, too.