Concrete Construction Company

Concrete is a mixture of gravel, sand, cement and water, which is transformed into a very durable mass by drying. For this reason, concrete is one of the basic materials used in the construction industry. It is not only resistant, but also easy to shape and relatively cheap. Its applicability is quite wide and varies depending on the composition and complexity of the structure.

  1. Filler concrete consists of four types of aggregates and it is used in most construction works, especially for pits, house bottoms, blocks and light heights.
  2. Normal Strength Concrete can be used both as filling concrete and as concrete for columns, resistance plates and light structures. It comes in 2 different shapes (16 mm or 31 mm) and it can be pumped.
  3. Reinforced Concrete is used for the main resistance structures, because it has additives and adhesives in the composition.
  4. High-Performance Concrete is compacted and, together with the concrete steel, it offers increased resistance to any type of work. It is used in roads foundation layers, most civil and industrial constructions, for the rigs and parking areas and for the heavy loads, and also for the constructions which need special resistance elements like bridges.

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