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When it comes to commercial building projects, there are many different types of companies that engage or are involved in such projects. Here are some of the types that you should know about:

  • Small, specialized contractors – these businesses provide specialized work, such as excavation, wall building, plumbing, wall painting, electrical installations on the projects that involve new buildings as well as for renovation projects in existing buildings. These companies might work directly for a commercial or residential client or as subcontractors for the project of a larger building company;
  • General contractors – these companies serve as the point of contact between clients and specialized construction companies in Colorado, overseeing and managing all the processes involved in the building project from start to finish;
  • Owner-builders – these companies engage in construction projects to erect buildings that they might use for their own activities or that they might sell or lease after completion. They usually assume the role of general contractors and in some cases, they also use their own, in-house teams for the building tasks;
  • Real-estate developer – these companies are very similar to owner-builders, but their projects are usually of larger-scale, such as building entire residential neighborhoods or industrial districts, complete with roads and utilities as well.