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Restoration is the process of returning a building to its former condition and ensuring the building’s compliance with the latest building codes and legal requirements. Here are some of the processes involved with the restoration of old schools and clinics:

  • The restoration of the building’s systems – both schools and medical facilities need to comply with special laws and regulations when it comes to the type, the capacity and the features of the plumbing, electricity, sewage and other systems. The restoration process must involve the review and the upgrading of all these systems;
  • The restoration of the walls and the floors inside and outside, with special materials – schools and clinics are buildings used by many people, therefore the materials used to restore the surfaces that visitors or the building’s users come into contact with need to meet special requirements. The tasks involved include the removal of the old wall surface, the installation of drywall and the application of new paint;
  • Conservation work – old buildings usually have features that need to be preserved in their original, but restored form. For these features, the general Denver contractors need to hire special conservation specialists who will perform the restoration work using special techniques and special materials as well.