Inspections Construction General Contractors Services

Construction projects, whether for new construction or for renovation, require a careful inspection of the terrain and of the building to be renovated before the project starts and lots of further inspections to make sure every project phase is completed as expected. Here are some of the necessary inspection types:

  • Footing inspections – performed either before or after any excavation is done and any piers or poles are set, these inspections are intended to ensure the compliance with zoning regulations and architectural design before the construction process progresses;
  • Foundation inspections – these inspections should be made to check whether the foundation is of the right quality and whether the drainage system has been installed properly;
  • Inspections of the building framing and the masonry – these inspections should be carried out by general contractors Fort Collins when the building walls are complete, the roof is installed and all the electrical wiring, ducts and other equipment needed for introducing utilities are in place;
  • Separate inspections for each subsystem – the electrical system, the plumbing, the components of the heating, cooling and ventilation system and the chimneys should all be subjected to detailed inspection before the building project reaches the final, concealment phase;
  • The final inspection – before the building owner takes over the keys to the property, the building needs to be inspected by specialists one more time, to ensure the compliance with quality standards and building regulations.