excellence in construction commercial buildings

Commercial buildings can be categorized based on numerous categories, one of the ways being categorization by the dominant material used for the Denver construction. Here are some features of the most common material types to help you pick the building type that will work best for you:

  • Wood – the most traditional building material of them all is extensive used in construction in our time, too. The buildings made from wood are affordable, customizable to the needs of the client, they are easy to expand and to modify. The material also has some cons: its resistance to extreme weather, fire and to termites is very limited and it is prone to moisture damage, too;
  • Steel – prefabricated and custom-made steel buildings are today the most common types of buildings used for commercial purposes. The material is durable, resistant to the elements and versatile, allowing for making buildings of almost any size and for incorporating almost any design;
  • Concrete – the material is among the strongest, most durable building solutions available today. The process of erecting a concrete building takes longer and is usually more expensive than the building projects that use steel or wood, but concrete buildings are the most resistant to extreme weather events, including hurricanes and earthquakes.