general contractors project management

General contractors are companies that serve as the point of contact between the client and the teams and subcontractors working on a construction project. These contractors undertake not only new construction projects, but all kinds of remodeling as well, small and large, that involve the work of more than one or two different contractors – here is how they can help you with your project:

  • Developing the schedule – general contractors Fort Collins area know the best order of the processes that require skilled work and they create the plan and the schedule for every work phase;
  • Obtaining permits – if the type of remodeling work requires building permits, the general contractor can obtain them for you;
  • Coordinating the work of subcontractors – one of the most important tasks of general contractors is to coordinate the work of general contractors. Most general contractors work with their own network of specialized contractors, which means that you can trust your GC to help you with the contractor selection process, too;
  • Material purchasing – your general contractor will find the best material solution for you, making it possible for you to fit into the budget that you have without having to cut corners when it comes to quality.