general contractor commercial build discussing

The general contractor Fort Collins CO is a construction specialist who has excellent communication and problem-solving skills and who is responsible for coordinating the entire building process. Here are the roles most commonly assumed by general contractors:

  • Planning – the first task assumed by the general contractor is to create the project plan. The plan includes the schedule for all development phases, the planning for the procurement of the materials and equipment needed for the project as well as the creation of strategies to mitigate risks and the elaboration of the budgeting plan. The contractor usually takes over the task of obtaining the necessary building permits in this phase, too;
  • The management of the building project – in this phase, the general contractor hires the subcontractors for the specialized project phases and this is the phase when the construction materials are purchased, too. The general contractor will oversee all the work processes and will coordinate the work of all the subcontractors to ensure the timely completion of the processes involved;
  • Tracking duties – general contractors are also in charge of quality checks and they also prepare progress reports. Tracking responsibilities also include regular safety checks to ensure that all the safety and security regulations are observed.