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Finding a great builder such as Haselden Construction for your project is no easy task. The first thing that you should do is to prepare a list with the qualities and features to look for when evaluating potential contractors – make sure to include reliability, reputation, an attitude focused on problem solving, honesty and the highest level of professional knowledge, proved with certificates and other credentials.

When you have determined your priorities, it is time to start looking for the contractor that meets your requirements. Carry out a little online research to find contractor in your area and also talk to people that you know and trust, such as your friends and family, and ask them whether they can recommend you any contractors. Try to gather at least three or four names, then contact the contractors on your list. Tell them about your project, invite them to the future job site and discuss your options, then ask the contractors to provide a written cost estimates that includes all the details of your verbal agreement. Choose your contractor based on the quality of the cost estimate, then include all the details in the estimate into a contract signed by you as well as by the contractor before any work starts.