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One of the most important questions related to commercial building projects refers to the duration of the process. Commercial building projects are complex and involve lots of steps, therefore it is very difficult to precisely determine the time needed to get the building into turn-key condition – here are some of the major factors that influence project duration:

  • The design phase – this phase involves the hiring of the architect, the elaboration of the architectural design based on the client’s requirements and the process of obtaining the necessary permits to start the building project. Depending on the time needed for creating the design and on how fast the authorities issue the permits, this phase usually takes a couple of months;
  • Hiring the experts – there are two ways to get a construction completed: clients can hire the specialized contractors one by one and they can oversee the entire process by themselves or they can hire one of the Denver construction companies who will manage the entire building process. Some general contractors can be hired for managing various parts of the design phase, such as the permitting;
  • The building phase – the actual construction can take any amount of time from a couple of months to a year. The factors that influence the time needed for the completion include the complexity of the architecture, the availability of suitable workforce, the time needed for material suppliers to deliver the materials ordered.