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The process of erecting a home on your plot of land starts with finding an architect to design your building, obtaining the permits for the building and finding the right general contractor or specialized contractors for each of the tasks involved. Here is what happens after all the paperwork is complete and you have your crews set up:

  • Site preparation – your construction crew will level the ground and, if your building has a basement, the team will dig out the hole for the foundation of the home. The process involves the use of large construction machines, such as excavators;
  • Pouring concrete – when the terrain is prepared, your team will use wooden forms to create a template of your basement and they will pour the concrete for the basement. When the concrete has completely cured, a waterproofing membrane will be applied on the concrete surfaces, choosing the right concrete contractors Denver has makes a difference;
  • Rough framing – the process continues with the building of the floors and walls, then the roofing structure is installed on the top;
  • The home’s important systems, such as the plumbing, the electrical wiring and the HVAC are installed;
  • The building exterior is insulated;
  • The drywall and the interior fixtures are installed;
  • The finishing touches are applied – the interior and exterior trims are installed, the windows and the doors are inserted into their frames, the bathroom and the kitchen are finished and the final layer of paint is applied on the walls, inside and outside.