Concrete edging is a landscaping operation that is aimed at creating a border between two types of ground, like between the pawn and the flowered garden. The targeted goal is to impede the grass to invade the flower bed, but also to emphasize the flourishing landscape. The installation process requires much effort, and is performed using a landscape curbing machine, specially adapted to the needed design.

The landscaping practices include two types of concrete edging. First, concrete blocks are meant to create a retaining structure, and are easily put together without mortar. They are available in different designs and styles, from straight retaining walls to curved structures of any curving intensity. Also, you can choose between various colors.

The second type is pre-cast concrete edging. It does not consist of separate blocks that need to be put together. Instead it is an integral construction, pre-engineered according to required parameters many Denver construction companies require. The large block is embedded in the ground, by initially digging a channel of some centimeters deep, or can be simply laid still on the ground.

This investment is long-term due to concrete’s strong structure and resistance to extreme weather events. The weight of concrete efficiently hinders grass roots from growing and sneaking through. In addition it is a wonderful decorative option to highlight the housing landscape.