What you need to know green roofing

A trendy option for homeowners or business owners, green roofs have many benefits, including retaining water, providing natural insulation, and generally breaking the monotony of a building or urban landscape.

Green roofs refer to that special type of roofing system which has vegetation growing on it. They are great for the environment and pleasing to the eye, saving money on energy bills and promoting businesses. Also, the improve quality of air in urban areas, helping reduce pollution and turning an often unused space into a highly useful one.

Green roofs need a membrane to protect the building from moisture and water infiltration which can damage the interior. At the same time, they need a good drainage system and proper irrigation for the cultivated area.

There are two types of green roofs, namely intensive and extensive green roofs. Intensive green roofs can be seen as parks at an elevated point of a building. They can even sustain small trees or shrubs, benches and walkways that people can enjoy.

Protecting the roof from infrared radiation, green roofs can last longer than traditional roofs. The cost of building such a roof can be expensive, but the prospects of such an innovative solution installed by Denver contractors are quite promising.