general contractor meeting with client contractors

A general contractor is an enterprise that assumes the task of managing and overseeing the entire process of constructing or renovating a building and is in direct contact with the client, that is, with the owner of the building under construction or renovation. General contractors are hired directly by the client and they are responsible for the coordination of all the processes involved in the project, from instructing their own project teams or finding suitable contractors for specific project phases, providing and managing the equipment needed for the different construction phases and job safety to managing contracts, payments, warranties, compliance with building codes, material purchases and solving any issue that might come up during the construction process.

For instance a general contractor Fort Collins CO hosts handle lots of complex tasks that require wide-ranging knowledge, therefore they need to obtain a state-issued license to be allowed to operate legally in the state where they are registered. Most general contractors start their career as employees in the construction industry and many of them also have degrees in construction science, building safety or other, related disciplines. Some general contractors have their own, specialized teams to handle the various project phases, such as teams of plumbers, electricians and roofers, while others work with a network of subcontractors to get specialized work done on the client’s property.