Theater building construction denver contractors

When it comes to constructing certain buildings, sound and proper acoustic comfort represent one of the main prerequisites. We are talking about cinemas and home cinemas, rehearsal rooms, public space lobbies, conference rooms, and especially theaters!

The problems with the acoustics of the rooms are totally different from those related to insulating the buildings against noise. If in the case of sound insulation, the aim is to reduce the noise level below the permissible limits, in the case of theaters, in addition to reducing the annoying external noises, the aim is to highlight the sounds coming from the stage and ensure an optimal level of hearing in all the corners of the room, whether it is a spoken or musical production.

The requirements for building a theater with good acoustics must begin with the general plan of the auditorium and end with details that may be insignificant at first glance, such as wall thickness, building materials, the presence of “floating floors”, correctly installed equipment, location of ventilation ducts etc. Only an experienced architect is able to provide a complete list of measures to create the necessary acoustic comfort in such an environment, and only experienced construction company with Denver contractors should be hired for such a project.

The task of a competent acoustic construction project is to combine integrated solutions for insulating the sound and vibrations of the room, creating an adequate acoustic comfort for the respective space.