engage expert general contractors

General contractors are professionals hired to be the link between the client and the subcontractors and to handle all the tasks involved with the building project, from the initial phase of obtaining the permits and approvals necessary for the construction to supervising the actual construction process. Here are the most important responsibilities assumed by commercial general contractors Fort Collins area:

  • Issuing the cost estimate or bidding for the project – the first task of the contractor is to perform a site inspection and to review the project to collect information for preparing the cost estimate or the bidding documentation;
  • Organizing the teams – the general contractor will provide all the teams that perform the specialized tasks, such as site excavation, the installation of the utilities or the interior finish work and it will be the contractor’s responsibility to schedule and to oversee all the work phases;
  • Material purchasing – the general contractor will also be in charge of the material purchasing process, which includes negotiations with material suppliers and making shipping arrangements;
  • Safety – the safety of the teams and of the job site are among the general contractor’s most important priorities. The contractor will use various methods to ensure that all the safety rules are observed and all the machines used on the job site are safe and in good condition.