There are basically two ways to obtain the right to use a commercial facility: you can either lease the building that you work from or you can own it. You may even consider having one of the construction companies in Colorado do a new build for your business and own the building.  While in many cases, leasing is the best option, owning the commercial building that you use for your business activities comes with lots of short-term and long-term benefits – here are some:

  • No rent to pay – one of the most obvious benefits of owning your facility is that you will not have to pay a monthly rent to someone else. You will have more control over your costs even if you financed the purchase of the property from a bank loan – you can consider the related monthly payments as small steps towards owning a mortgage-free property;
  • Increased business value – owning your facility will significantly increase the value of your business and will lead your competitors to believe that your business is financially stable and prosperous;
  • Eligibility for tax breaks – owning a commercial building will give your business eligibility to lots of financial facilities;
  • More freedom to expand – if you own the building in which you run your business, you enjoy more freedom when it comes to expanding the available space or to implementing changes that affect the building layout.