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A commercial builder is a contractor or an employee of a large construction company like Haselden Construction who is responsible for managing and overseeing all the processes involved with the construction of commercial buildings, from keeping in touch with the client, the architect, the subcontractors and the authorities to obtaining building permits, scheduling the work processes and handling emergencies and problems. Good commercial builders need to possess many skills and personality traits to be able to fulfil their complex role – here are the most important traits:

  • Outstanding leadership skills – a successful commercial builder is able to command respect and is able to manage multiple projects at a time, managing multiple teams and project phases simultaneously;
  • An in-depth understanding of the building process – commercial builders do not need a degree in engineering or architecture, but they need to know the ins and outs of all project phases and to be able to anticipate difficulties and to provide adequate solutions for the unexpected issues that come up;
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills – commercial building projects usually involve multiple work phases performed simultaneously. The builder needs to be able to schedule those work phases correctly, allocating the right amount of time and respecting the successions of the phases as well.