Our work on the University of Wyoming High Bay Research Facility continues — and with a feature underscoring the advanced technology and research that will be housed there when the building opens later this year.

UW_HIGHBAYThe facility — a shared resource among the university’s School of Energy Resources, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Department of Geology and Geophysics — will contain about 90,000 square feet of traditional and high-bay research laboratories, offices and meeting areas. “High bay space” is large, open, vertical and specially designed to accommodate the development and installation of large equipment, and to conduct research using large pieces of equipment and materials.

One special feature in the new UW High Bay Research Facility is called a Strong (Reaction) Wall. It is part of a complete structural testing system that UW will use to test strengths of various structural material — such as concrete, rebar and I-beams — with a hydraulic ram. The Strong Wall is a 15’x3’x22’ wall with #8 and #9 rebar 6 inch on center.

Look for the UW High Bay Research Facility at north 19th Street near the UW Centennial Complex. The building — Haselden’s seventh project with the University of Wyoming — is scheduled to open in August.