Haselden Wyoming Constructors was selected as the CMAR to renovate the Arena-Auditorium (AA) at the University of Wyoming.

The AA is a 15,000-seat arena originally constructed in 1982 primarily for basketball games. Since then, it has undergone several minor renovations.

The AA occasionally hosts other events, including concerts, commencements and student assemblies. The basketball teams also use the main court as their primary practice facility.

Phase One of the renovation project expanded the court size to provide two practice courts and re-orient and replace the AA basketball floor. The lower seating bowl was reconfigured to provide new club seating and dedicated sections for media, university band members and students. Other improvements include upgraded arena floor lighting and two new video scoreboards and a new sound system.

The majority of the current Locker Room level will be renovated to create enhanced Sports Medicine, strength and conditioning, visiting team/officials locker rooms and post-game interview rooms.