Plan The Perfect Holiday Celebration For Employees

The holidays are a time for cheerfulness not only in your home, but in the office as well. Here are a few unique, fun ways to celebrate the holidays with your teams and to engage everyone:

  • Organize an Ugly Sweater Contest – everyone has at least one sweater with a large, smiling deer in the front. Get your team members to put on theirs and reward the wearer of the ugliest piece with some sweets, fruits or some tiny, funny prize;
  • Leave the office for a few hours – if your premises have a place suitable for a fire or a barbeque, get everyone to wrap up warm and do some grilling outside;
  • Have a pot luck party – a great way to replace the traditional office party with something that is more fun;
  • Gift exchange – a few days before the party, write the names of your team members on small pieces of paper, put all the names into a bowl and get every co-worker draw the name of the person to bring a gift for to the party. Limit the value of the gift in a few dollars, not more, and allow your teams a few days to figure out the gifts, then start the holiday office party with exchanging the gifts.

The construction jobs in Colorado can be a little more difficult to plan, but some of the ideas above can still be incorporated, you just need a little creativity.