Built In Colorado For Colorado

Colorado is a state with a rich architectural history that includes diverse and unique buildings constructed by some of the best builders in Colorado. Some of these are must-see and even considered iconic places. Here is a short list, in case you consider adding some of them to your itinerary, the next time you come to Colorado.

Modern buildings

  • Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory – an architectural marvel, modern, geometric and complimentary of its surroundings , valuing function over beauty.
  • Wells Fargo Center/”Cash Register Building”- a post-modern building, with a curved roof that breaks up the pointed skyline.
  • Denver Art Museum – natural and unnatural at the same time, angular, with a very reflective surface made from titanium panels, this building is a true postmodern work of art.

Historic buildings

  • Molly Brown House – a gorgeous multi-story home turned into a museum that honors the renowned activist and Titanic survivor.
  • Cherokee Ranch – currently a protected wildlife sanctuary and home to a Scottish-style castle.
  • Hotel Colorado – more than a century old, it has hosted personalities such as President William Howard Taft, or the Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Abandoned Buildings

This is a special category of unique buildings that you may want to see before they are gone. Here are a few of them: General Store- Weston, Colorado Abandoned Homestead(s)- Tarryall Creek, Colorado First State Bank of Aguilar- Aguilar, Colorado Smelter Office or Workshop- Stringtown, Colorado Lake Gulch Schoolhouse- Lake Gulch etc.