General Contractor Trends Colorado

Architectural design is an organic field, which adapts with people’s changing lifestyles. Even if it does not change in spectacular and frequent ways, like fashion, building design already has embraced a few distinctive trends.


Here they are:


  1. Smaller and More Efficient Living Spaces

Large homes are expensive and lack energy efficiency. Homeowners have learned to downsize and now they want a small and functional house. The key trend is to design efficient living spaces, which can work as multifunctional rooms – the bedroom turns into home office, the living room can be used as a dining area.


With the help of modular design and space-saving furniture, architects can now create small homes that feel cozy and comfortable.


  1. Fluid Lines Inspired by Mobility

The age of precise geometric shapes has been replaced by the sense of motion. People are always on the move and this inspires architects to create buildings that maintain this sense of motion.


Wavy and fluid lines, ergonomic design and innovation are the keywords of this building design trend.


  1. Design that Promotes Accessibility

People with disabilities should be able to access public and private buildings with ease. Whether they are using a wheelchair or other types of aids, these people should be able to go up inclines, turn corner and use elevators.


Thus, the latest building design trends by a qualified general contractor Fort Collins CO supports incorporate as many accessibility features as necessary, such as ramps, both in commercial and in residential buildings.