Haselden's Riverview School - ExteriorK-12 is a term that refers to school grades, from kindergarten to the 12th grade, prior to college. In recent years, reports show that K-12 facilities have been affected by tight budgets, which means that many of them lack proper upgrades.

However, the trend in 2017 show more communities open to funding these necessary upgrades; therefore, things are expected to improve in the future, and not only when it comes to extending the life of school districts, but also to rebuild for the future.

School districts should be constructed in a way that allows them to meet the modern educational requirements, anticipate future changes, but also serve as shelters for emergencies. In other words, construction trends for K-12 education must be based on building future-ready schools.  As a local construction company here in Colorado Haselden Construction believes in helping the schools thrive.

There are several factors to consider:

  • transform the traditional learning space into an informal environment, which allows using incorporated smart technology and fostering creativity and innovation at all levels
  • designing flexible study rooms, suitable for different individuals and group functions
  • planning collaborative environments, including outdoors creative labs, media centers, as well as break our spaces
  • designing new eco-friendly buildings that feature as much natural light as possible and views over surrounding nature
  • understanding the institutions` vulnerabilities and create efficient plans to incorporate additional building functionalities that provide food and shelter.