Haselden Construction has always been an industry leader in construction safety. Our latest endeavor is putting QR code stickers on the hard hats of all of our team members so anyone can easily pull up their qualifications and what specific training they’ve had. When we posted about this new technology on our LinkedIn Safety page, we received so many positive comments and questions about how we did it, we decided to provide a tutorial!


How We Did It

There are a few different programs out there you could probably use, but we went with Scanova.io. A professional membership is $900/year (and you can get a free 14-day trial membership), and right now we’re utilizing just a fraction of what you can do with the program. Our process is simple, but it does take some time to do the manual entry.

  1. Log in to Scanova.io and select the “Vcard Profile” option to create a QR code for each team member. Scanova - Haselden
  2. Manually input the team member’s information into their v-card. This can include a LOT of information from the basics like their name, company, title, and contact info to social media profiles. You can also upload a photo. We chose to use the “Additional Information” notes section to list all of the team member’s training and certifications.
  3. Print the QR codes. We use 1.5” square, weatherproof labels that cost about $50 for 2,400. We print two labels for each person—one for the hard hat and one for a wallet or safety vest.

Why We Like It

Everyone knows that keeping the latest training information at your fingertips can be a challenge, especially in the field. Because the code is live, as soon as the information is updated on the team member’s v-card on the cloud, the new information is available immediately on the QR code. That also makes it a greener alternative since you’re not printing out a new document every time training is added or updated. Because their picture is on it, it offers a layer of security that a mere printout with training listed does not. If you choose to put sensitive information in the v-card, you can make it accessible only with the use of a password. Once a person scans the QR code, it can be saved to their phone as a contact, and there’s no limit on how many times each code can be scanned—or how many QR codes you can create. The analytics available with Scanova lets you view how many times the codes have been scanned and even where in the world they were scanned. And if a team member leaves the company? Their code can be deactivated.


Haselden wants to help make ALL construction sites safer! If you’re interested in trying this at your company and have questions, let us know! Senior Environmental Safety Training Manager Rene Gonzalez can answer your questions! You can email him at renegonzalez@haselden.com!