Denver Post 2017 Top WorkPlaceWinning a Denver Post Top WorkPlace award two years in a row wasn’t an accident for our firm, Haselden Construction. Listening, learning, and reacting to our team members’ needs has been a key ingredient in the special sauce that separates Haselden from our competitors and allowed us to win this prestigious award – twice!

In 2015, we created three strategic goals, one of which was being named an employer of choice. While we knew it was a lofty goal to win a Top WorkPlace award right out of the gate, that didn’t deter us from getting after it. Having a new CEO at the helm and a desire to drive culture into every aspect of our business, we knew our plan had to be bulletproof and our execution had to be flawless.

Listening and Learning

The first order of magnitude was to survey our team members. We fully anticipated hearing the good, the bad, and (potentially) the ugly, but more importantly, listening and responding. For Haselden, finding out where we could improve was equally as important as finding out what we’re already doing right. Based on feedback from our first (2016) survey, we made several positive changes that impacted our team members tremendously. A few of the major transformations we initiated revolve around constant communication and work-life balance. The overarching themes uncovered during the survey included an eagerness to have direct access to our Executive Leadership Team (ELT), more transparency as it relates to the company’s financial well-being (and how it affects team members), and the desire for a more flexible PTO (paid time off) plan.


Eggs with Executives InviteSeveral new programs emerged from these results, the main ones being Eggs with Executives, quarterly financial updates from our CFO, and our new flexible PTO policy. Eggs with Executives is a monthly breakfast program where 12 team members join two members of the ELT in an informal setting and can inquire about work-related topics. It has given our team members direct access to executives via a relaxed environment and ultimately resulted in stronger relationships and better communication between the executives and the entire company. The quarterly financial updates have served to keep the team members well-informed and allow them to better understand the business perspective of decisions made. The flexible PTO policy gives salaried team members the option to work with their managers to arrange PTO in a manner that best accommodates both their specific job and their personal life, rather than being based on accrual.

“One of the great things about Haselden is that this isn’t just a focus of a few folks,” stated Garrett Updike, Director of Talent Management. “All of our team members, from our most senior executives to our newest hires, are committed to this, willing to share open and honest feedback, and then take action so that we can continually improve our culture. We truly have the best team members in the construction industry!”

Mt. Bierstadt Hike July 2016
Haselden Team Members at 2017 State of the Company
St. Paddys Day Party 2017