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When it comes to the construction of a commercial building, the general contractor’s knowledge, experience, attitude and network of subcontractors are all essential for the success of the project. Here are some of the most important qualities to look for with your commercial builder:

  • Experience – commercial construction projects are usually more complex that residential projects, with more emergency situations to solve and more complex decisions to make. Ideally, your general contractor should have an excellent track record of about 10 years, with numerous, successfully completed projects in their portfolio;
  • Excellent communication skills – you need a contractor who has outstanding communication skills, who always answers your phone calls and your messages and who uses those skills to handle difficult situations;
  • Outstanding organizational skills – commercial building projects involve multiple work phases being performed simultaneously as well as phases that can be started only when the previous phase is complete. Your builder needs to stay on top of all the organizational tasks to be able to harmonize all the teams involved and to ensure that each phase is completed on schedule;
  • Attention to detail – even the tiniest problem can turn into a major obstacle overnight, therefore your contractor needs to be able to detect the issues that can hinder the project success and to be able to solve those issues, too.  Having a reliable thorough construction company at will give you the confidence you need in your commercial construction new build.