Looking at Kim Hagger, Haselden’s Operations Technology Specialist, you probably wouldn’t guess that she benches 195 lbs. and squats 265 lbs. Rounding up to 5’4”, she doesn’t exactly look like a body builder—and she’s not. But she is on her way to being a CrossFit champion.

Kim has been doing CrossFit for 8 years, ever since her husband talked her into it. She never thought she’d even be able to do the workouts. As she got into it, Kim found she really enjoyed the varied drills and the constant change of pace and…she didn’t get bored! She loves that the diverse training means there is always something she can get better at. In fact, she likes it so much she became a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (level four is the highest attainable) and teaches four classes a week at CrossFit Beaver Menace in Castle Rock, where she’s been working out for seven years.

What’s in a Name?

For the CrossFit neophytes out there, here’s a quick primer: according to Wikipedia, CrossFit workouts “incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, girevoy sport, calisthenics, strongman, and other exercises.” The core part of workout could be 2-3 minutes to an hour, and there’s usually a focal point of each workout.

Kim’s been competing for seven years at the national—really, worldwide—level. The games begin in February with a five-week competition called the CrossFit Open, which serves as qualifier for the (worldwide) CrossFit Games. Those who qualify move on to the next round: either the Regionals or the Online Qualifier. Kim falls into the Masters category (and make no mistake, she is a master!), so she took part in the Online Qualifier. The top 200 in each of the Masters age groups (also separated into men’s and women’s groups), do the Masters Qualifier Weekend where participants do four workouts in a weekend (at their local gym) with a certified judge. The workouts are videotaped, and if you make the top 20, the CrossFit Games request the videos to verify the scores. How you’re scored depends on workout. For instance, one workout was 100 dumbbell snatches (35 lb for women, 50 lb for men – lifted from ground to straight overhead), 80 calories on the rower, 60 burpees over a bar, and 40 muscle-ups (where you start hanging under the rings, pulling yourself up to support position over the rings). In this case, the score was based on how much of that workout you could finish in 20 minutes. If your video is accepted, you get an invitation to the CrossFit Games in August. This year the games are being held in Madison, WI. It’s a three day competition, with 6-8 workouts over those days. Kim will be competing against the 19 other women in her division. Workouts are usually announced the day before, but sometimes not until right before the actual event.

Masters Age Group Categories



45-49 (Kim)




The Final Countdown

At the start of this competition, there were 10,000 women in Kim’s age group. Now there are 20. Kim placed 10th IN THE WORLD. Her family will be there to cheer her on at the Games in less than three months. “I’ve been close before, but I’ve never made it, so it’s really exciting to see the hard work pay off,” Kim said humbly. You can bet she’ll be able to hear Team Haselden cheering for her all the way from the Rocky Mountains!