General Contractors Practice Gratitude Thanksgiving

Your clients keep your business thriving. You would not be here, running a successful business, without them. So, why shouldn’t you take the time to show them that you are grateful? With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time to consider ways to show gratitude to your clients, and to the local general contractors Fort Collins area that you possibly work with.


Here are a few simple and easy tips:


  1. Create a Thanksgiving Discount Campaign

Have a Thanksgiving sale on selected product categories. This kind of rewarding campaign can run both in your brick and mortar store and on your ecommerce website (if you have it). Focus on items that your clients most need during this period, such as food, drinks and Thanksgiving decorations.


  1. Reward Your Best Customers

As a special appreciation for your most loyal customers, create a special reward campaign just for them. For instance, you can email them a special code they can use to enjoy a discount or receive a free product during their Thanksgiving shopping.


  1. Send Thank You Notes

Don’t forget the power of the simple gesture of saying “thank you”. Even if you can’t afford to offer discounts, you can create a thoughtful email and send it to your entire list of subscribers. Your customers will appreciate it and will continue to stay loyal to your business.