General contractors hiring helpful tips

The general contractor you choose can make or break your construction or remodeling project, so finding the right professional is essential for the timeliness and quality of the work, as well as for the degree of financial and emotional stress you will be dealing with.

The first tip is to choose Denver contractors you can trust and properly communicate with during the entire project. The way you communicate in the beginning of your collaboration will definitely reflect the way you will communicate on the job later.

Ask candidates for how long they have been doing business locally. Make sure they are locally established and have a good reputation, by checking their business card that must contain a real address instead of a p.o. box, as well as their licenses and certifications. You should also ask for references from some of their previous clients.

The subcontractors and suppliers a general contractor works with represent another important aspect that will impact your project, so make sure you know who is actually work in your home and whether the general contractor will be there all the time to supervise the project.

Finally yet importantly, you should know whether the contractor is insured and able to cover the costs associated with potential accidents. General liability insurance and workers’ compensation are mandatory.