general contractor commercial building maintenance

Whatever the season of the year, the weather is becoming increasingly capricious and extreme events, such as prolonged periods of gale-force winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme rain, snow, cold and heat are increasingly frequent. The changing climate requires the owners of commercial properties to change their approach toward building weatherproofing – here are some essential tasks that should be carried out to make your building as strong as can be:

  • Timely repairs and regular maintenance – maintaining your building in a good state of repair is the best way to ensure weather-proofing. The process should always start with the thorough cleaning and detailed inspection from a notable general contractor Fort Collins CO supports of all components of the building envelope, including the roof, the gutters, the walls, the sidings and the openings, followed by the repairs required;
  • Add insulation – proper insulation added to your walls and underneath the roof is essential for efficient weatherproofing as well as for improving the quality of the air inside the building;
  • Pay special attention to your doors and windows – perform a careful inspection of your doors and windows to detect any faults. Determine the overall condition of the components and decide whether they need repair or replacement. If your windows are drafty, worn or they are of the single-glazing type, replacing them with efficient, modern, multi-glazing windows is a great investment into your business.