Practice Being Thankful

We very often forget to express gratitude for the things we have in our lives, even in periods when things go great. Many recent scientific studies prove that gratitude is a feeling or, much rather, a state of mind that not only makes us feel better about ourselves and out lives in general, but is also beneficial for many other, related, mental and physical processes – in other words, people who manage to stay thankful are happier, more content and ultimately healthier. If you want to reap those benefits by extending thankfulness to every day of your life, not limiting it to Thanksgiving only, here are some tips for you:

  • Keep a journal – a little notebook in which you jot down a quick list with the things that you can be thankful for is an excellent way to remind yourself of how great your life really is, even at times when you feel unhappy;
  • Pay attention to the here and now – like the very busy and thankful general contractors Fort Collins supports our heads are continuously full with to-do lists, but even so, you need to make an effort to notice your surroundings and to try to see it all as a gift;
  • The importance of me-time – spending some time each day paying attention to yourself, reflecting, will help you calm down, change perspective and see the positive sides of things. Try to reserve a few minutes for such reflections each day – you will be surprised how many things to be thankful for will be revealed to you.