Winter Time For Construction Jobs Keeping Site Safe

Winter weather is harsh, it comes with freezing temperatures, ice, snow and wind. However, the work on construction sites cannot and does not stop during the cold months – here are some tips to continue work in safety, whatever the winter brings along:

  • Daily inspections and cleaning whenever necessary – freezing weather can ruin power lines and damage construction equipment, so inspecting all the machines and connections is essential before starting work in the morning. The construction jobs in Colorado workers should always start with cleaning to remove any ice and snow from pathways, driveways, scaffolding, ladders and any other surfaces on which workers need traction to move around;
  • Have a heated break area – get a heated tent or container and install it on the construction site to provide workers a comfortable space where they can warm up and to avoid health issues, such as hypothermia or frostbite;
  • Ensure that your workers use the right type of personal protective equipment – hard hats, insulated gloves or mittens, waterproof, non-slip work boots as well personal fall arrest systems are essential for working safely on construction sites;
  • Prepare the tools and other work equipment – most tools and machines need to be warmed up before use when they are going to be used in low-temperature environments.