Sustaninable Denver Construction Environmental TipsSustainable construction projects are not only friendly to our natural environment – they are, in many cases, cheaper and faster to complete as well. Here are some building techniques and material choices that can be used in sustainable Denver construction projects:

  • Using prefabricated panels – prefabricated panels are manufactured in factories that use state-of-the-art technologies to create building components cut exactly to the size specified by the client’s design, thus reducing the waste resulting from imprecision. Using such panels also allows for significantly reducing the duration of the construction project, thus minimizing the environmental impact of building process;
  • Material selection – the level of sustainability achieved by construction projects can be further improved through the usage of recyclable materials that have a small environmental footprint, such as concrete;
  • Implementing advanced waste management processes – separating the waste generated during the construction and reusing recyclable materials on-site also reduce the environmental impact of building projects;
  • Using the latest excavation techniques – the technology called hydroexcavation or hydrovac is a great solution for digging narrow trenches, for revealing underground utilities to make the building site safe as well as for moving large quantities of soil. The hydrovac process is very fast, thus minimizing disruption and it instantly removes the slurry generating during the digging, leaving behind a site that is clean and ready for the next construction phase.