Communicating With Construction Companies Timeline

Communication is a key factor of success for any construction company. Many, if not all finished project endeavors are the result of excellent communication according to a study made by the PMI, or Project Manager Institute. A good communication practice should start at the very beginning of a project and maintained all the way to its completion.


An article on Harvard Business Review talks about a study done at MIT’s Human Dynamic’s Laboratory which has demonstrated that while experience and education may be prime factors for success, it has also shown that the manner in which a team communicates is more important than simply discussing. The right method of communication will ensure a positive relationship between employees.


Good communication with Denver construction companies helps to build and maintain relationships which are the lifeline of any project being developed. Transparency and trust will lead to better decisions being made which will ultimately result in project completion and long-lasting partnerships.


Giving feedback and answering questions is a good way to have a good relationship with a construction company and encourage employees. Feedback regarding an individual employee’s performance and providing constructive criticism is a good way to boost confidence, as well as developing the other lacking areas of a person’s skill set.


Also, being transparent with the final vision of the project is important. Every employee that understands the goals of the company will have a better experience working with each other. Whether the information is positive or negative, the information delivered should be true to ensure that the right countermeasures are being adopted and avoid any future errors.


Regular meetings are welcomed and necessary to ensure that the final vision of the project is being respected. There are times, however, when unnecessary meetings can be postponed or canceled altogether so that the team’s workflow is not interrupted. Today, many online services such as emails can be used to communicate small bits of information without the need to interrupt the workflow or scheduling a large meeting.


Good communication is the major factor that forms teams, friendships, and long-lasting business partners. When it comes to construction companies, many technologies are being implemented such as online platforms for communications to keep the construction team updated with the latest information and project changes.