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The location of your next construction project is as important as the architectural design and the technical solutions that you use for your building, so here are some tips about how to pick the best site:

  • Assess terrain conditions very carefully – the physical features of the terrain that you will be building on will influence lots of aspects of your project, including building costs and completion deadlines. Even the slightest slope of the building surface will require a different approach and soil that is looser or more compacted than ideal will also influence the execution of your project. If the site that you are looking at is prone to flooding, that feature will also have to be considered carefully;
  • Local laws – most plots of land carry restrictions regarding the type and size of building that can be erected there, so make sure to consult these local regulations to avoid unpleasant surprises;
  • Connections and access – the access to utility lines and roads is also essential. A plot of land in the middle of an agricultural area might be cheaper than located within city limits, but you might encounter difficulties connecting your plot to the utilities, so you need to decide whether the lower price is worth it, indeed.

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