Colorado Fun And Careers

For tourists and residents alike, there are lots of things to experience in Colorado, during every season. Summer offers great outdoor experiences for a memorable vacation. These are just a few suggestions.

  • Take a trip to Crystal River Valley, in Marble

For those who love the amazing and inspiring views of nature, Crystal River Valley is a top destination in the state of Colorado. It is situated on the western slope of the Rockies, extending along Hwy 133. You can rent rooms or cabins and enjoy hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, taking photographs and exploring the Lead King Basin, Yule Lakes or Anthracite Pass.

  • Swap the ocean with one of the reservoirs

By visiting a reservoir, you can enjoy a similar experience with the one at the beach. Advantages? – Lots of fun with activities that include swimming and sun bathing, boating, fishing, water skiing, but also walking, picnicking, cycling, scuba diving and much more. And the best thing is that you have the opportunity to enjoy all these without boarding a plane to reach a beach resort and spend lots of money for your vacation.

Notable reservoirs in Colorado: Boulder Reservoir, Cherry Creek Reservoir, Lake Dillon Reservoir

  • Learn more about gold panning

You can take a journey back in time and visit the Argo Gold Mine & Mill to learn about gold mining and its role in the establishment of Colorado State. Visitors can take guided tours and even try their luck by panning for gold or gemstones.

Colorado is a great place to visit, and explore, especially if you are looking to move here.  Consider a career at