Commercial Landscaping Materials

Landscape edging is practically the border made from some sort of durable, hard material installed with the purpose of separating two areas of a garden. The materials are used to delimit flower beds or other structures and they play the role of creating a structured space and to enhance usability by keeping plants in their respective beds and by preventing soil slippage. Here are the most popular materials used for creating landscaping edging:

  • Wood – wood edging comes in many styles, from decorative, fence-style components to pieces that look like timber with a natural, handmade finish. If you choose this material, make sure the components are properly treated against moisture and rodents;
  • Composite material – usually made from recycled wood, this material is cheaper than natural wood, but it is also available in a wide range of designs, including varieties that resemble natural wood;
  • Concrete – the material can be freely formed and textured and it is among the most durable and most versatile edging solutions and installation can be done by local concrete contractors Denver supplies;
  • Stone and brick – these two materials are more expensive, but they are durable and they can confer a unique, elegant or rustic appearance to any garden.

Whichever material you choose, the installation process is fairly easy: you need to soften the soil in the area of installation, then you need to dig out a suitable trench and then you can install the edging.