commercial construction general contractors industry

Commercial building construction projects are complex and involve many steps – here are some:

  • The planning phase – the first phase for a commercial build is the process of obtaining the plot of land and finding the financing solutions for the land purchase and for the actual building phase;
  • The design phase – when the land title has been obtained, it is time for the architect to start developing the building design based on the owner’s specifications;
  • Finding the general contractor – while the owner has the option to hire the contractors who will handle the specialized tasks related to the construction, most owners choose to hire a general contractor who will handle all the further processes, from hiring the subcontractors, ordering the building materials and obtaining the building permits to coordinating all the work tasks and solving emergency situations;
  • The actual building phase – this phase will start with the preparation of the soil for the construction, the excavation of the hole for the foundation and the building of the foundation, followed by the erection of the walls, the creation of the floors and the installation of the roofs and of all the building systems, such as the plumbing, the heating and the cooling system, the electricity. In the final phase, the specialized subcontractors will execute the finishing tasks, such as the painting of the walls and the installation of the doors and the windows. For a superb general contractor in the construction industry in Colorado look to