Any construction project, as good construction companies in Colorado will tell you has to begin with a strong foundation , whether you’re building a small house or a large office building. As a result, excavation always plays a key role at the beginning of major construction projects. If you are a contractor, then preparing for this action will carry a lot of weight towards not only the efficiency of your project but also towards complying with safety standards and building codes.


Before beginning your excavations, it’s important to make sure that you don’t harm any roots of trees that are planted in the nearby vicinity, especially if the trees are planted on someone else’s property. As a result, tree experts have to be called in to make sure that the roots of each tree – some of which might spread to distances of dozens of feet underground – haven’t found their way to the area where you plan to perform your excavation work.


Another important consideration is that of calling 811 to make sure no utility lines run below the property where you want to start digging. Hitting utility lines such as water pipes and cables that might have run through the area can cause significant problems for the local residents and businesses, not to mention setting you back on your budget.