Last week Haselden held our First Annual Subcontractor Appreciation Event. The turnout was amazing and we were thrilled to be able to spend the evening with the people that help us make our projects so successful. As Haselden CEO & President Byron Haselden stated at the event, “Haselden Construction would not be successful without the subcontractors and the relationships that we’ve developed over 45 years.”

Subcontractors do more than merely perform their trade on a project. They play an essential role, beginning in preconstruction. A good sub helps a general contractor understand the constructability of their specialty, and assists with cost saving ideas that still meet the intent of design—something appreciated by everyone from the architect to the owner. Operationally, they help keep the schedule on track and contribute their thoughts on different ways to execute the work more efficiently to the benefit of the project. Perhaps most importantly, subcontractors are on the front line helping to keep the jobsite a safe place to work.

That key point is why we decided to center the event around recognizing subcontractors whose team members participated in our “I Got Your 6” program. Haselden’s I Got Your 6 program rewards any site worker for catching and correcting behavior and processes that could be done in a safer manner. “The certificates that we’re going to give out are really around safety,” said Byron. “That drives home everything that we do in this industry. It’s really important that we send everybody home at night to be with their family and their friends and that they work safe.” To paraphrase Byron, the purpose of the I Got Your 6 program is to give a voice back to the workers, because the only way to have a truly safe jobsite is when all the people out there on a daily basis have the authority to stop what they’re doing when they see something they feel is unsafe, and correct that behavior.

We’d like to once again thank all of the amazing subcontractors we work with now, and have worked with in our nearly 45 years of business. We truly couldn’t have done it without you!