For many, this time of year is a time for reflection. Team Haselden is a close-knit group, and a recent Facebook post by our chief estimator, Matt Hammer, reminded me of how lucky we are to work for a company that truly values work/life balance. So I decided to sit down with Matt to get the skinny on how he feels as a (relatively) new member of Team Haselden, and how his life has changed since coming to work here.

Julie (J): Your Facebook post got me to thinking about how much intangible benefits can vary from company to company. It sounds like your move from Texas was about more than just geography . . .

Matt (M): Definitely. A big part of the move was for my wife Jacqueline’s health – she was really struggling with allergies. Didn’t hurt that I’ve wanted to live here since I was about 16. It’s been a great year, but personally, looking back it’s hard to even recognize the person I was before.

J: How do you mean?

M: If you ask people from college and my early 20s, I had feelings. I cared about my family more than I cared about my job. But I let myself get beaten down by people who thought that 7am to 5pm wasn’t enough. My solution was to show them that I could work harder, do more, and sacrifice my own personality to prove that I could be that superhero they demanded. And it worked. I gained respect from them, only to begin to lose my family. I worked so hard I missed my kids’ events. My wife had to bring our kids with her to work, so that I could do mine. She struggled to keep the house together because I was too busy. I developed a disdain for anything domestic, and only occasionally would I break away to attend family events.

J: Knowing you, that’s really hard to imagine! You’re such a friendly, family guy.

M: It’s a completely different atmosphere here. When I thought I was building my dream job, I was actually miserable. Now, I’ve landed with a company in a role that I love. A company that actually pushes me out the door when I’ve been there since 6:30 am. I have feelings again – no longer just anger and frustration (except watching college football). I’m actually trying to find a hobby for the extra time I have. I’ve only missed one of my kids’ games. And I’m home for dinner every night.

J: Sounds like quite a change. This is a really competitive industry – what do you think Haselden does differently that allows us be so successful but still treat our team members so well?

M: I think it’s the true focus on the people. Byron [Haselden] really sets the tone, and there’s a genuine interest in people’s well-being. We’re also properly staffed – we hire when we need to and we take the time to find the right people. One of our values is entrepreneurial spirit, which management takes very seriously. Team members are trusted to try their ideas – really own them and see them through – to a degree I’ve never seen before. It truly is Team Haselden.

J: Moving from Texas to Colorado is a big change. How has your family adjusted?

M: They love it! We’ve been here just over a year now and it’s great. It’s nice having four seasons and being able to walk outside in the summer and not melt. But those things are icing on the cake. I appreciate my family today in ways that I couldn’t have even just 13 months ago. So many people like me don’t get a do-over – I’m just glad we found a home here in Colorado and at a company that shares our family values.


Haselden Chief Estimator Matt Hammer and his family